Advanced Scratch Instructor

From the cradle, DJ Ibarra (born John Ibarra, pronounced EEE-BAR-uh) was rockin' to electro beats, hip hop and DJ sets from the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier ... alright, that's a bit of an exaggeration

“DJ Ibarra has become a super sonic-force guaranteed to get the party started -- and never stopping.”

In 2004, Ibarra began his transition to professional DJ Ibarra, practicing his skills on his close friend's pair of Technics 1200s and a Vestax mixer. He spent the next several years honing his craft and developing his instincts (e.g. learning music theory, counting beats, beat matching, beat juggling and scratching) -- with a full throttle DJ launch (complete with his own brand-spanking-new equipment) in 2013. Today, DJ Ibarra produces, edits, creates and records on a weekly basis.